What are the chances that a mom with alopecia passes the condition to her child?

Query by Noosh_lvs_u: What are the probabilities that a mom with alopecia passes the disease to her youngster?
My sister has endured from alopecia for above 10 several years,now she has a daughter who is five…could she have handed it to her?!

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Solution by anonyMOUSE
It is attainable for your sister’s daughter to have alopecia.

“Experts do not know just why the hair follicles undergo these alterations, but they suspect that a combination of genes could predispose some men and women to the disease. In those who are genetically predisposed, some kind of trigger–possibly a virus or some thing in the person’s setting–brings on the attack towards the hair follicles.

If you have a near loved ones member with the condition, your threat of building it is slightly improved. If your household member lost his or her initial patch of hair prior to age 30, the threat to other family members members is greater. Total, a single in 5 individuals with the illness have a loved ones member who has it as nicely.”

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