what are the finest nutritional vitamins for hair loss in ladies?

Problem by cHeLa: what are the greatest nutritional vitamins for hair reduction in ladies?
i hardly had a child and i dropped alot of hair for the duration of my pregnancy,
i want to increase it back again make sure you help!

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  1. HERBAL VITAMINS!! I used Zena Herb, It’s honestly the best for your hair and your body alltogether. I used to have really nice, thick, shiny hair. After dying it multiple times I started noticing that my hair lost any shine and became very thin and brittle.One of my good friends tried an herbal supplement called Zena Herb, and recommended it highly to me because she said it grew so quick, and alot thicker (which it did, I see for myself). It’s all an all natural herbal vitamin & best friend is very particular about products she takes, so since she recommended it, I tried it out. I absolutely love it!!! I noticed HUGE changes!! You should try it out!! It made my hair thicker and shinier, and alot softer.I bought mine online from ZenaHerb.com…I have about 4 of my friends trying it to and they all love it. Trust me, from first hand it’s soooooooooooo amazing!! 🙂 good luckk!!!!! – Danielle

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