What are the levels of hair decline with laser hair elimination?

Concern by Lyana Monique: What are the levels of hair reduction with laser hair elimination?
Just commenced laser hair elimination therapy and I want to know why the hair requires 2-three weeks to commence falling out? Also, does anyone have a engage in by play of what the up coming few weeks will be like… Like will I wake up without having the hair one particular day, and many others? Thanks

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Answer by Sur La Mer
Laser hair removing, where on your head or your facial, pubes, other areas of human body hair?

Both HAVE Absolutely nothing to do with the other!

There are 1000’s reasons why hair reduction takes place on your head. Warmth & substances are hair’s worst enemies. If you have received these, you will find TWO Causes right there, and it really is NOT simply because you’ve got had laser hair taken out.

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  1. Mahesh chander Kaushik

    This procedure uses high power pulsed diode laser on hair root . This laser light is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft which is damaging the follicular epithelium. So this is the cause of permanent hair reduction . It is not happening in a single sitting hair shaft is damaging permanently in 7-30 days depend on your hair thickness and particular area of hair removal like arms pubic etc. for example if you give salty water ( low strength of salt ) in a plant then water damage roots of plant and plant will die in 7-30 days not at once. But if you give highly concentrate salty water in a plant then plant root will damage in 2-24 hour but laser technician doesn’t give such a high beam on your hair shaft because In laser hair removal treatment your hairs take 7 to 21 days to start falling out because they want to damage only hair roots and protect damaged the epidermis ( skin layer ) so this is the reason of too many sittings in laser hair treatment.

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