What are the most prevalent treatment approaches for thyroid troubles?

Issue by nonyabiznas: What are the most prevalent treatment method strategies for thyroid problems?
My docotor is tests my blood for thyroid difficulties, and I would like to know what therapies they may suggest if I do have any troubles. Also, what are the possible problems with my thyroid that they might be examining for? Signs and signs and symptoms? Not certain if this makes a big difference, but I am a 22 yr old woman – two youngsters/c-area.

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treatment method is dependent on the difficulty.
hypothyroid, is when the thyroid is under energetic. it can trigger bodyweight acquire, experience cold easily. emotion a lot more worn out than standard.

hyperthyroid is when overactive. excess weight reduction, receiving very hot less difficult, can still really feel worn out but have problems sleeping excellent. also, can have coronary heart palpitations, hair decline, amongst other items…

treatment options can b from medical procedures to just using thyroid replacements. you should just follow up with doc to uncover out much more. obtaining kids does not lead to it. have to keep an eye on thyroid stages from now on if any troubles even though.

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  1. There are two types of thyroid problems…hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. In both cases, the thyroid stops releasing the proper amount of thyroid hormone…too little with hypo and too much with hyper. In both cases, the treatment can be as simple as one pill a day. However, treatment depends on the cause. It is possible for this condition to be genetic. It is also possible to have a benign tumor on the thyroid which causes malfunction. In this case, the thyroid may be removed and pills can be used to give you the proper level of hormone.

    The thyroid gland regulates many things in the body, especially metabolism. Common symptoms of hypothyroid are chills, weight gain, sluggishness. Hyperthyroid symptoms are increased heart rate, weight loss, anxiety and moodiness.

    Good luck with the bloodwork!

  2. unicornfarie1

    It depends if its hyper or hypo. I had hyper when i started out and they did radiation treatments to kill off part of the thyroid. I was fine for 10 years and now I went hypo. For that you just have to take a pill every day for the rest of your life. Go to the site below and it should answer all of our questions. Good luck!

  3. sallyjane3400

    are you extremely tired ? Are you cold alot ? has your energy run out before you do ? Does your heart flutter ? Do you have sudden adrenaline rushes ? Please don’t take the junk drs. give you.It will make your hair fall out,but you can’t just do nothing either.By doing nothing, you will age faster, eyes bug out and you can have a heart attack.Please, go to these web sites and read this Info It will save your life. This is nothing to sneeze at. your thyroid is responsilbe for your heart rate, body temp,sex drive,wieght gain or wt loss. This Is a simple test you can do @ home and It’s accurate 110%.Before you go to bed @ night ,place a themometer by your bed and when your wake(DON’T GET UP AS THIS ELEVATES YOUR BODY TEMP).Place the themometer under your arm for 5 min. If It reads below 97′. Your thyroid Isn’t working properly. Please go to this web site and read…..

  4. laugh_out_loud

    FIRST THING~ If your doctor won’t listen to YOU, get a new one! YOU KNOW when your body is good & when it’s not! I refuse to listen to someone who won’t listen to me…because they think they know it all since they “went to school for the degree”. Well, they didn’t go to school & study MY BODY! So, get a new doc, and don’t feel bad about it. What if something bad happened to you? Would you hesitate to let that doc know at that point? DON”T LET IT GET THERE!
    I have given several links below to read & perhaps you can read through & understand the different thyroid symptoms & problems.
    Here is some information about myself, plus some symptoms since you seemed to be interested:
    I have low thyroid. I’ve had it for 10 years. I got it after I had my second child at about the age of 25. If you have low thyroid…here’s a great question to answer: Can you see the floor of your house? That was what was asked of me at one point, and to my amazement, the answer was no!
    My signs are: messy house, no desire to do anything…go anywhere, spend time with my kids or my guy, sleep a lot, hard to keep my eyes open at times, HUGE weight gain that over the past years have not found an easy way to take off…so I give up a lot, I have terribly dry hair & don’t wash it a lot so it stays strong, I have bumps on my face…not like pimples, but I think it’s from dry skin, and perhaps some others that I can’t remember at this time…that’s another symptom–forgetfullness.
    Here are the “GENERAL” signs for most people: fatigue and lack of energy. Women suffering from underactive thyroid experience heavier menstrual periods. Sluggishness and forgetfulness are symptoms of underactive thyroid problem. Other symptoms of this thyroid disorder are dry skin and hair and constipation.
    If you have high thyroid, or an overactive one, the signs are: increased body metabolism. This is followed by weight loss and excessive warmth and sweating. Persons suffering from overactive thyroid experience trembling hands, irritability and rapid heartbeat or palpitations. Women with overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism may experience shorter or lighter menstrual periods.
    I take medication, and sadly will have to take 1 pill everyday for the rest of my life. There’s a blood check that they will do to see if you have low or high. I hope i’ve helped you!!

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