What are the probabilities that I get this disease?

Issue by danny: What are the odds that I get this illness?
each my dad and my dad’s uncle has alapisha, a illness in which they have no hair.

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Answer by ohmanitspalak
Nicely if your dad & uncle have experienced alapisha, then there will be a slight opportunity of you getting it.
In many cases, conditions impacting the pores and skin of the scalp will consequence in hair decline. The very first clue to the distinct result in is the sample of hair loss, no matter whether it be full baldness (alopecia totalis), patchy bald spots, thinning, or hair loss confined to particular places. Also a issue is the problem of the hair and the scalp beneath it. At times only the hair is afflicted occasionally the skin is visibly diseased as properly.

So just go to the doctor & question them about it, & if you still young you can get early treatment

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