What are the pros and cons of hair straightening therapy?

Issue by Aaron: What are the pros and negatives of hair straightening therapy?
and does it result in hair decline?

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Solution by jessie
Professionals of Chemical Straightening:
Greater manageability. A relaxer works to “relax” the curl, which helps make the hair straighter and less complicated to detangle.
Far more overall flexibility. Much more possibilities for numerous sleek and straight hairstyles that are tough to keep with curlier, frizzier hair.

Downsides of Chemical Straightening:
Total servicing. To maintain the straight appear, you must touch-up any new hair growth anywhere from every single six weeks to a few months. If you decide on to get your hair comfortable professionally, this can turn into fairly costly.
Hair hurt. Relaxers irreversibly change the organic pH balance and chemical breakdown of your hair thereby weakening every strand. Hair breakage and scalp discomfort are very typical aspect outcomes from improper application and/or routine maintenance.
A lot more interest. Calm hair calls for sufficient conditioning and hydration.
More caution. Certain chemical reactions with specified chemical compounds (this kind of as hair dye and chlorine from swimming pools) can trigger a lot more damage to sensitive, chemically straightened hair.

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  1. Bosley Medical

    The biggest pro of chemically straightening your hair is you don’t have to straighten your hair everyday because your hair will remain straight for a while. Your hair won’t suffer heat damage, assuming you don’t use any heat products on your hair after the treatment.

    However, the cons of hair straightening outweigh the pros. Chemical treatments can damage the hair if not done properly or done too frequently. Go to a reputable hair stylist who knows what he/she is doing. Harsh chemicals are used in hair straightening procedures and can easily damage your hair, which may lead to weak, dry and brittle hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss. You should stop any chemical treatments if they cause scalp irritation or soreness or hair loss. This type of hair loss should be temporary.

    Taking care of the health of your hair is essential to preventing hair loss. If hair loss persists or hair breakage is unprompted by chemical treatments or styling, it may be a symptom of a medical problem in which case I suggest that you contact a doctor or dermatologist. You can also schedule a free consultation w/ a Bosley Professional who can give you more information on the causes of hair loss and recommend treatment options. I hope that helped answer your question. Good luck!