What badness will occur if i masturbate and what trigger hair slide ?

Query by Lim: What badness will happen if i masturbate and what trigger hair drop ?
I strated masturbate considering that i am 12 , now i’m 16 . I masturbate regularly (two times a week or three instances a 7 days) but , during this month , i located that numerous of my hair drop when i bathing , combing and so forth , nearly fifteen-25 of my hair fall . I scare i will experiencing alopecia in my potential since some of my loved ones member experiencing this issue as well . What shall i do ? Shall i cease masturbating ? Can you present other badness of masturbate ? PLS Help ME!!!!!!!!!

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Response by Mark IX third Account
Masturbating no trigger baldness or all gentlemen be bald. You no end for explanation that.

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