What badness will take place if i masturbate and what trigger hair tumble ?

Query by Lim: What badness will come about if i masturbate and what trigger hair tumble ?
I strated masturbate considering that i’m 12 , now i am 16 . I masturbate regularly (twice a week or 3 times a week) but , throughout this thirty day period , i found that a lot of of my hair drop when i bathing , combing and so forth , nearly fifteen-25 of my hair drop . I scare i am going to experiencing alopecia in my future because some of my family member dealing with this problem too . What shall i do ? Shall i stop masturbating ? Can you show other badness of masturbate ? PLS Aid ME!!!!!!!!!

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Reply by Joel Crespo
I experienced this worry when I was 16…..I am 17 now and I even now do masturbate routinely (Large sexual intercourse drive….). I experienced prolonged hair and I nevertheless do, the query is for you is if you started out acquiring longer hair than prior to. If you did don’t fear it transpires when your hair gets lengthier.

oh and

sex or masturbation =/= baldness
anxiety, excessive hair clotting gel and hairspray = baldness

and also

if you want to gradual down your hair reduction look for a aloe vera shampoo and situation that looks like this


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