What can a medical professional do from hereditary hair reduction?

Issue by Katatafisch: What can a medical professional do in opposition to hereditary hair reduction?
I’m 19, male and I think I have acquired an earlier stage of hair loss. What can be carried out from it? Which medical professional to check with? Or am I “misplaced”?

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Answer by G’hound
The very best thing a medical doctor can do is counsel you to settle for some diploma of hair reduction.
You define yourself by numerous factors other than a thick mop of hair.

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  1. slammamama

    there are some products which have given some people a little success, but nothing certain and certainly nothing permanent. Go with it. The shaved look is, luckily for you, very stylish.

    Weaving is also an option. My cousin owns one of those businesses and I promise some of his clients’ hair is so natural I would never know if I didn’t know.

  2. Early on there is a lot you can do to slow the loss and retain more of your hair. First thing is to reduce your stress– hair hates stress! Next, you should probably see a dermatologist that specializes in male hair loss.

    The doctor can test you for vitamin deficiencies (vitamin d, iron, and others can help speed up hair loss). There are prescriptions for preventing and slowing male hair loss like Propecia that your doctor can prescribe, if he or she thinks it’s a good option for you. Some people see results mixing prescription DHT-blockers with L-lysine, as well.

    Selenium, MSM, Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamin B Complex are other supplements that are often associated with improving hair loss. Even though these are all over the counter, it’s best to learn about what you’re taking. Finding a doctor that takes your health issue seriously can help you find a supplement or prescription cocktail that is safe for you and doesn’t interfere with any other medications.

    Finally, some dermatologists can treat you with red light laser therapy to help regrow your hair, if you’re willing to shell out for it.

    Most of these treatments will only work as long as you take the pill or receive the treatment. If you stop the routine, the hair will continue to fall again. But if the hair loss is in an early stage, you have the best chance of holding onto more of it. Easier to keep hair than to regrow it once it’s gone.

    Do what you can, but try not to think about it too much and stress yourself out.

    Good luck!

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