What can be accomplished to avert hair reduction or hair thinning and to regrow the lost hair?

Query by ameyonline23: What can be carried out to avert hair reduction or hair thinning and to regrow the missing hair?
I am a twenty yr old boy from goa-india and i am having difficulties with my hair. My hair is naturally quite gentle & sleek but there has been remarkable boost in hair reduction for earlier calendar year.My hair began to fall possibly about three a long time ago but it was just slight but now out of the blue it is at a extremely fast rate.My hair is perfect on the facet components and also behind the head and also on the front of head but the problem is on leading of the head or middle of the head and all around crown of the head.That’s exactly where i am losing plenty of hair.What should i do to end it? What is the explanation for the hair reduction? How can i regrowth the hair? I have lately confirmed it to a dermatologist who has advised me to use MINTOP FORTE(MINOXIDIL TOPICAL Answer USP 5%).He has advised me that it is a sluggish process and it would get about 4 months to see the regrowth influence but he did not advised me explanation for the hair reduction.Is the solution approved by the Dermatologist an ideal and perfect for me? Is it a good remedy for hair problems?

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get in touch with me immediate and i will give you a recipe to use to stop decline and regrow hair widowmaker54@yahoo.com

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