What can cause numbness in each palms, swelling in the two hands and weak spot in forearms and thighs?

Concern by jason h: What can lead to numbness in the two hands, inflammation in both hands and weak point in forearms and thighs?
I also have hair decline on legs and arms. I had hyperthyroidism and was provided an iodine radiation therapy for it about a yr and a fifty percent in the past.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am not sure about your numbness, but peripheral swelling, weakness in the arms and legs and hair loss are all very common symptoms of hyperthyroidism. If your symptoms are changing or getting worse you should speak to your doctor and get your thyroid hormone levels checked.

    Other common symptoms include weight loss, large appetite, poor tolerance to heat, tremors and shaking hands, hot skin and heart palpitations or fast pulse.

    Hope you feel better soon

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