What can critically be carried out about hair reduction?

Question by TLM: What can critically be carried out about hair decline?
I am not chatting about transplants,and so on. I have slender hair but nowhere near bald or anything like that. But if I enable it get lengthier than shoulder size its breaks off and falls out irregardless of what remedies,shampoos or whatever I use on it. Any tips or am I destined to obtaining quick hair?

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Reply by Alijah D
your just trapped with bobcuts sorry chicka
bob cuts make hair appear alot thicker than it trully is

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  1. Punk Bunny

    buy wild growth at ur local sally’s beauty supply it work miracles for hair growth (cost 8 dollors) or go to wildgrowth.com

  2. hotuksale

    To do the head massage, hands such as the first comb fingers, while rotating massage!

  3. mine has got a little thin to ..its the change in our hormones,,but i use women’s rogaines and it seems to be working ok..it does keep it from falling out ,,as bad..i would got to a beauty consultant and ask them ,,your hair looks great from the pics sweetie..but i hope you can find a answer,,best to you..

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