What can do to make my hair increase thicker, stronger, and for a longer time?

Concern by Madeleine Archer-burton: What can do to make my hair develop thicker, more robust, and for a longer time?
Im just curious about the issues I can do to make more healthy, happier, and lengthier hair.
If anyone has any suggestions, they would be tremendously appreciated!

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Reply by Nisa =)
There are these capsules you consider for thirty times and the results are so superb !
I feel www.sephora.com?
But make positive they’re safee ..
also get a trim, and people overnight conditioners

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  1. Wash and condition often. Use the right products for your hair or if you want, use natural products because they’re always good for your hair. Take vitamins, too.

  2. Put olive oil on your hair at night, cover your hair with a hair cap and go to sleep, then wash your hair in the morning. The result will be too good to be true.

  3. Sur La Mer

    Thick, strong and growing hair comes from your good genes, the good foods from Mother Nature, NOT made by man like John Frieda, or supplements from GNC, but it’s also in how you care for your hair. There are tricks to help manipulate the hair to make them look thicker, fuller.

    One method to make your hair look fuller, add body, bouncier, thicker, more volume & shiny hair is to set your hair with plastic curlers, (not Velcro) you’ll end up with uniform balance of curls. Blow dry while curling them in curlers. Take them out, and finger comb, use a brush, give it a good shake all of the above. Your hair will fall nicely, plus you’ll ged rid of all the sectioning parts. You’ll get the bombshell trifecta: lift at the roots, volume at the sides, and a soft swing. Used by the best hair color models, and the fashion industry, like Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec. 2009 & 2010, (backstage getting ready) America’s Next Top Models, EXPRESS models seen in Glamour magazine Sept. issue, and are continued to be used today where salons care about pampering your hair. Even Oprah uses them! (while she’s getting an interview backstage). When you see hair on TV (Dancing with the Stars backstage) a hair color commercial, they’re not done by curling or straightening tools. Hair that shines like that and feels like hair, not hay, has to be done by the best hair tools available w/out damaging to the hair. When you take the curlers out, finger comb to style or lightly brush. Tousle the hair up. or shake your hair. You can use large, medium or small curlers, that depends on the length of your hair.

    The hair industry is a billion dollar business, their aim is to make tons of profits, and they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss. Shampoo is meant to clean (Google it), and if they do other things like GROW, OR MAKE YOUR HAIR MORE VOLUME, they’re lying. It’s all about marketing to attract more buyers.

    Save your money instead of buying hair growth products or supplements. Vogue Dec. 2010, Vogue Feb. 2011 issue has a section on biotin, supplements, fish oil, etc. . Fish oil for example: Read the labels if they state that it contains: “one or more of the following: Cod, English Whiting, Shark.”
    The FDA don’t even approve of them. Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don’t apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients.
    Beginning in February 2008, they experienced one symptom after another: diarrhea, joint pain, hair loss, lung problems, and fingernails and toenails that fell off. FDA has received numerous reports of harm associated with the use of these products, including stroke, liver injury, kidney failure, heart palpitations, and death. 3-15-11

    MSN “Vitamins Can Do More Harm Than Good.”
    According Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Americans spent an estimated $ 176 million on hair loss products last year, and chances are some of that money was not well spent. Don’t let charming salon owners, seductive ads or fancy gimmicks convince you otherwise.

    CNN, Slate, Consumer Reports, MSN, YAHOO have posted them online for years how people spend $ 20 billion per year on vitamins and supplements.  According to Everyday Health, here’s an article that will tell you why . . . those PRODUCTS by any other name do NOT WORK.  It is false advertisements.

    If you’ve straightened your hair in the past, it may grow slowly or none at all.
    Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – the website had moved, type it in. Two others also:

    Growing healthy hair doesn’t come from a bottle or pills and hair products do not speed hair growth. Any hair oil, is another form to keep hair moisturized, nothing more. If you’re in HS, your hair & nails should be growing normally, and as healthily as possible, since you’re eating healthy foods. But when hair isn’t growing as fast, it’s because they’ve been tempered with: chemicals, hair straightening, etc. . .

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