What can I do about fleas for a cat that reacts improperly to flea treatment?

Question by Bear: What can I do about fleas for a cat that reacts badly to flea treatment method?
You know that flea things you put between a cat’s shoulder blades after a thirty day period? That leads to scabbing and hair reduction on my cat. Fairly than set him by means of that pain and harm, I imagined I might see if you will find anything else that can be done. The stuff I use is revolution. Any advise?
Why don’t I ask my vet? It is Sunday… o) I am going to get in touch with tomorrow.

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Response by Rubicon
Have you experimented with a flea collar? You ought to if you have not. Also there is a powder you can use also, I do not know the identify if it, but it truly is a dry remedy that you pour on your pet and rub into the fur. I might attempt a flea collar 1st however.

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  1. Ask your vet about Promeris. It is an injectible (given sub-cutaneously) flea preventive that lasts 30 days. There is also a topical, but vet here prefers injectible.

    As for the poster above, flea collars are only effective in the area of the collar. It won’t prevent fleas from congregating elsewhere on your cat.
    Some of the carpet powders are effective, but be careful because some pets are allergic to them.

    I’m not sure if its same brand for cats (it know it is for dogs), but Capstar will kill all fleas on pet in 24-48hrs. If there is no Capstar for cats, then it is another pill with the same ingredients as Capstar formulated for cats. Ask vet.

  2. Why don’t you call your vet and ask? They can probably give you more reliable, safe advice than you’re going to get from a bunch of strangers on the internet.

    *Added: Ignore the person who said to try flea collars. If your cat reacts badly to Revolution, it is going to be in absolute agony when you put a toxic choker around its neck.

  3. You can use a flea colar
    or wash your cat in dawn dish soap and let it set for a while on its skin so it’ll kill the fleas and then wash them out. And dry him on a orange sheet because they are attracted to orange if there are still fleas on him.
    good luck

  4. DO NOT use a flea collar they r toxic 2 te animals–frontline works the best or bring the cat to a grooming shop or vet 4 a flea bath

  5. Do NOT use a flea collar that will just concentrate the amount of chemicals on to the neck and will only protect the neck & face. I don’t have any experience with the injectable flea med but that seems like a good option, if that’s not available try switching brands, do NOT use the ones in the pet store, they have the same chemicals as a flea collar and you already know your cat is very sensitive, I suggest trying Advantage or Frontline Plus, for a cat that had a reaction to the product (hair loss) the company said to apply vitamin E to the area first and then apply the flea product and it worked for flea prevention and eliminating the hair loss in the cat. Hope this helps.

    They do have capstar for cats but its not a long term medication we usually use it to kill the fleas on the pet and apply a topical monthy product right after, it would probably be quite expensive and stressful to you and the cat if it doesn’t take pills easily. Also, dips and shampoos only kill what is on the pet for the moment, if they are on your pet then they are already in the house, it would be like cleaning a pig and then putting it back in a pig pen of mud, it’s just going to happen again! Make sure you treat the house- bomb it, make sure all people and animals are out of the house when this is done, ventilate well, and bring in the family and pets again. Also bathing your cat more than every 2wks would strip its natural skin oils which could lead to skin irritation and infection from scratching the irritated skin. Dawn is not formulated for the pH of an animal’s skin, it will kill the fleas but it’s not what you want to use all the time, a mild oatmeal shampoo designed for cats would be better, it’s the soap that drowns the fleas and kills them anyway.

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