What can I do about hair decline? What hair items must I use?

Problem by Dragonfly: What can I do about hair loss? What hair goods must I use?
I had the gastric bypass and I’m losing a great deal of hair. I am making an attempt volumizers and this kind of but I need advice on what is the best to use.

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Response by mstrywmn
Your hair will increase back again on its personal, but it can acquire up to 6 months. I know due to the fact it occurred to me & my mother. We virtually acquired wigs. It was 1st quite wiry & difficult to handle, so I stored reducing it short. But now, a 12 months later on, it really is back to regular.

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  1. Angelique B

    stop combin ur hair so much and brushin cuz that pulls out
    hair and maybe something at like a target like a special kind of shampoo

  2. TheMorbidMe

    Hair Loss because of Weight Loss Surgery is common and you have to expect it, like it or not. You will have this issue. The good news is that it is temporary until your body adapts to the pseudo starvation mode your body is on. So, don’t worry so much. You can read more about it here: http://www.themorbidme.com/2006/03/telogen_effluvi.html

  3. hunny_be24

    i have found that organic root stimulator products help..it takes time so be patient but it does work.

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