What can I do for my eyebrow that has been slowly slipping out for 8yrs?

Issue by Abdhi S: What can I do for my eyebrow that has been little by little falling out for 8yrs?
I have been to a couple skin doctor and none have experienced any good suggestions besides alopecia areata. But the steroid cream one approved in fact seemed to make it even worse. Redness and flakiness close to brow spot when no meds utilized. Be sure to assist, it is acquiring so slender that i have to fill it in with brow pencil. I am at my wits end it is Actually obvious and am terrified it is permanent. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Flalcon
Hair transplants could work.

Not a medical doctor but you could have your brows tatted but then you would have to pencil it in excess of if you needed diverse coloration

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