What can i do to make my hair develop?

Question by misunderstood: What can i do to make my hair increase?
I’m not encountering hair loss but my hair isn’t going to increase i do not know if i should trust people shampoo’s they promote i have tried pantene lenght and strenght, but it barely assists. My hair doesnt drop out or anything of that kind i just cut the finishes and lately i have stopped because i feel if makes my hair seems to be shorter but any shampoos suggestions? Make sure you IVE BEEN Striving TO FOR Above A Year OR For a longer time.

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Reply by Jessica
No product can make your hair develop, it just says it on the bottle so individuals purchase it.
Get a vitamin named Biotin it performs wonderful.
Yyou couls also just take Vitamin E, and make certain you try to eat lots of protein.

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  1. RobynBelle--!

    dont not cut your hair.
    if you trim the dead ends it’ll grow faster
    if you stop cutting your hair thinking it;ll grow it wont it does to a certain legnth then the dead ends stop it so cut them off and maybe in afew months cut again.

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