What can I do to make my nails more healthy?

Query by Pumped Up Kicks: What can I do to make my nails healthier?
I utilized to just take a vitamin for my hair, pores and skin, and nails. But it did not actually do anything except for supporting my hair expand (I have delicate alopecia 🙁 ).

I’ve seen of folks stating “your nails are healthy when they sparkle, and when they are robust.” Effectively, they’re fairly robust, but they search dull and dry.

What are some suggestions to by natural means shine my nail beds?

ALSO, the pores and skin about my nails is really dry and cracked. Is this standard? If it’s not, what can I do to boost this problem???

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Response by Joe S
Just take Biotin. It comes in capsule types at any pharmacy. It will make your nails develop and be strong but it will also make your hair develop quickly as well.

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