What can I do to stop hair loss?

Query by C.H.: What can I do to avoid hair reduction?
I’m 19 likely on 20 and can presently notice my hairline creeping back on me. I have never ever experienced the greatest hairline and the two my dad and grandpa have really slim hair. My grandpa getting practically bald on best.

I understand that hair-reduction is mainly genetic but is there a way to prevent any far more? Or do get what I have previously misplaced back again?

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Response by jreppoh
I never consider there is significantly you can do but eat nicely and not brush it tough. Their are shampoos that do aid a lot of folks but you have to keep making use of it,or you will drop the new hair. My son’s grayed at a very early age so I can recognize. You can also just acknowledge as one particular of my sons did but the other a single made a decision to coloration his. So it is really up to you do what you want to do.

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  1. you can take several steps of action. Recent studies suggest a poor diet or a diet lacking in certain vitamins, proteins and minerals can accelerate hair loss.

    This does make sense since hair is over 90% protein. Eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetabls will go a long way to helping you.

    change your shampoo to a shampoo specifically for hair loss or a shampoo with a good pH of between 5.5 and 8.5.

    take hair supplements which are specifically formulated to stop hair loss by providing the vitamins and proteins your hair needs
    and blocking the production of DHT in your body.

  2. carmelcavalier

    I started losing my hair in my 20’s and panic set in. Losing hair that early in life made me feel a bit cheated out of my youth and I lost confidence. But there is a lot of medications, herbs, and other options out there to help you. If you would like information on how to really stop your hair loss without all of the hype and scam, please visit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330311745224 -thanks and good luck

  3. Ive been trying something i found on a site so give this a try..Once every day and night put your head under a cold shower for about a minute it apparently rushes a clean fresh supply of blood to your scalp and that is all that is needed to grow hair. I think it is working cos i can actually feel tingling on my scalp and it seems to go red.

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