What can I expect to go by means of as I get chemotherapy because of to a tumor discovered following a complete hysterectomy?

Concern by Charlene: What can I count on to go via as I get chemotherapy because of to a tumor located following a complete hysterectomy?
A fellow I fulfilled at a bus end told me he didn’t do so properly when he reached the fourth treatment of chemotherapy. He experienced had belly and big intestine cancer. He mentioned at that position he was out of it for a number of times, which intended to me he was extremely unwell. My neighbor across the corridor, a male who would seem to pride himself a small on being the bearer of bad information, even though I do not consider he realizes this about himself, advised me It is likely to be a rough vacation for me and that I will want to eat simply because I really feel hungry but will right away throw up. Are there particular foods I must stick with in the hope I can maintain some thing down? Need to I go out now to purchase hats and scarves to cover hair reduction?

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Answer by abhishek v
all chemotherapy are associated with their assortment of side effects.. u seem to have endometrial carcinoma the usual regimne is doxorubicin, cisplatin, cyclophosphamide.. cisplatin can trigger renal toxixity and neurotoxicity,, largest side impact is nausea and vomiting for which antiemetics and steroids are presented.. doxorubicin can cause hair loss, cardiac difficulties and crimson urine…

u ought to understand that chemotherapy are given underneath managed surroundings making sure most affordable sideeffects exist and adjuvant medicines offered to supply comfort… nausea and vomiting are component of therapy and u should be prepared u may knowledge aversion to specified foods due to metalic taste..
and about hair loss not all chemotherapy trigger hair decline so want not fret about it…
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  1. thinkingtime

    I didn’t have any reaction to my chemo, except losing my hair temporarily although the doctor warned me to expect side effects.

    They give you meds for side effects. I didn’t use mine. People have different reactions and I was fortunate.

    Ask your doctor if you are likely to lose your hair. I wore a silk scarf with one of those little satin caps that muslim women wear under their scarves and I wore a pashmina in the style of a hijab, pinned to the cap.