what can i use for my bald spot???

Concern by prettybirdy: what can i use for my bald location???
ive had it because i was like 5 and now im 14

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Reply by hIQtie
if its 1 place and it isn’t going to seem to be to be acquiring any greater than it could be a birth mark and there could not be anything at all you can do about it. The other probability is that it could be alopecia areata. This is doubtful however because this is generally triggered by tension and I dont know also several stressed out five yrs olds. If it ended up alopecia areata then a simple cortisone cream or shot will remedy the problem. The only way to know how to deal with it is to find out what the lead to of the bald place is and the very best place to get a analysis is at your physician or skin doctor. That should be your initial action. Great Luck!!

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