What can I use to quit from loosing my hair?

Issue by Justin: What can I use to quit from loosing my hair?
Properly Im 20 years outdated and my hair is starting up to skinny out. Im curious on what kind of goods that are out there to avoid hair reduction. I’m looking for some thing that isn’t really to pricey but but affective. Anyone have or has experienced the very same dilemma as me? if so any suggestions?

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Response by yumiofyggdrasil
I’m sorry to say that I have the comparable issue, exact same age, but will not have an answer. The doctor mentioned it was just because of anxiety, and would expand back, but it just does not want to develop back.

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  1. theweirdguy

    ive got thproblem. there is rogaine which i found did not work all that well. you can get the cheaper store brand stuff and it is the exact same. what i do is use thickening shampoos and conditioners. also keep your hair cut low it makes it look thicker and fuller. sadly we were just screwed by the gne pool and are destined to have thin or balding hair

  2. Go to a Health Food Store & purchase some good quality all natural B-Complex Tablets. B-Complex goes straight to the scalp as soon as it hits the blood stream & promotes healthy hair growth. You may have to take them for 6 months before telling a noticeable difference because it has to work it’s way into your system & works gradually. Take exactly as directed. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Never wear a cap or hat – this only defeats your purpose – it causes hair loss. I’ve heard too many people say they’ve tried Rogaine & were not satisfied with the results – plus once you stop Rogaine – you lose anything you’ve gained. It’s a lifetime sentence & may not see that much of an improvement.

  3. If you have male pattern baldness, that is an inherited factor from the time of conception. You cannot change that. If you have other skin problems or stress, there is some scripts which can be prescribed by your physician.

    The over the counter products cannot change your genes.
    I understand your plight, I was there also but finally had to accept the male pattern baldness

    As a sidelight, my twin brother has a full head of hair and when a small boy ask if I was my twins daddy, my twin saw great delight, I did not.