What can make hair develop?

Concern by StEr: What can make hair develop?
I like guys wit hair, iuno it truly is just a change on, I have this boyfriend tho that I been wit for two several years practically n unfortunately he is acquired tiny hair and the worst part… Has bald places:-( I have read through articles on the internet n completed some analysis and apperantly nutritional vitamins B r very good for hair developing.

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does any individual know if that is accurate?!
If not what is?!
any good items yall could recomend?!
He is African American does it need to have a special oil or lotion?!

He needs to have lengthy hair like b4 he satisfied me but it’s not growing any far more lol he is constantly wit this unpleasant do rag that goesto his shoulders which he phone calls his synthetic hair :-/ I wouldn’t know everything about this because I acquired a total head of hair

Best solution:

Response by Susan Yarrawonga
Biotin is supposed to help.

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