What can you do to prevent hair loss – what merchandise operate?

Query by doubt133: What can you do to prevent hair loss – what goods work?
hi – My BF is twenty five and he has been loosing his hair since he was about twenty – it started out out as a small spot in the back and now that place is rather bald and the prime of his head is finding quite thin – I guess that is male design baldness….what is unusual is that his complete family members has a ton of hair – even his grandparents in their 80’s! It frankly isn’t going to hassle me – and I would enjoy him even if he was totally bald – but he is extremely upset about it and needs to know what merchandise would help — like Rogaine for males and issues of that kind — he was in fact pondering of getting a hair transplant done – but I want him to consider other possibilities 1st —

Your experience and suggestions would be excellent!


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Answer by skt83193
i know a great a single….its called comebackhair and its found at your neighborhood drug store

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  1. Paul Alexandru Cazacliu

    Try “castrodon” from “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas”,women hate bald men except basket-ball players,remember to him “baldness is loneliness”,if you are bald you can say to your sex-life goodbye.

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