What can you use to assist hair decline?

Issue by Danielle_softball: What can you use to assist hair loss?
Is there any solution you can use to help with hair loss.

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Response by amono
just take a multi vitamins tablets

and blend castor oil + olive oil
then use it for four several hours when a week , this will quit the hair reduction

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  1. there r many reasons coz hair loss and many products for hair loss that “can cure hair loss” in internet,the best way is visit your doctor and you will spend lots of money.
    Some tips and precautions u can use rigt away:
    * Eat foods with reduced fat, low carbs, and high proteins.
    * Eat foods like soybean, fish, chicken, and liver.
    * Make sure that you stay away from harmful hair chemicals.
    * Holding enough rest, away from electromagnetic wave.
    I searched a free ebook(u can get it with doing nothing) maybe can help u,get it on:http://www.hairlossstopnow.com,this sites also sell a “cure hair loss product” seems to be ture,it has some reviews of the hair loss product and offers 2 bottles free
    u can have a try of all above methods,good luck!

  2. There are quite a few products which “help” with hair loss. There are shampoos, creams and tablets.

    This site shows some of the best: http://www.regrowreport.com

    However, it says that “Provillus” is the outstanding winner because it uses a 2-stage formula which apparently works incredibly well (according to their research of real customer comments). You put on the topical serum to stop hair loss and then use the tablets to promote hair regrowth.

    You can see their unbiased review here: http://www.regrowreport.com/provillus-review.html

    Hope this helps?