what causes hair reduction in ladies in there 60’s and is there any treatment for it?

Query by Grant & Denise L: what triggers hair reduction in women in there 60’s and is there any treatment for it?

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Response by Jamie S
Usually it is brought on by the decrease production of estrogen ( female hormone). This enables for the testosterone to turn into more energetic in the woman’s body and may cause hair loss.

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  1. The causes of hair loss in women may be different from the causes of baldness in men. Dermatologists said that hair loss is a growing problem affecting women that may occur even in an earlier age.

    Factors for hair loss in women

    The following are some reasons why hair follicles break their normal cycle and switch into a resting phase. These are the factors why some women experience thinning of hair and thicker hair on the other parts of their bodies. The causes include any or a combination of emotional and physical state such as stress, hormonal imbalance (especially androgen sensitivity), genetics.

    Some are caused by immune system irregularities including thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies (Iron and Vitamin A). Others may be due to cosmetic factors. Lastly, health conditions may contribute to the situation due to radiation or chemotherapy, dental treatment, blood loss, drugs, diseases, surgery and scarring.

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