What could be the cause of a puppy shedding patches of hair?

Concern by KS: What could be the result in of a pet shedding patches of hair?
First of all, will not fret, I already have a vet appointment….

In the meantime, I would like some suggestions as to why my canine has bald spots on his human body. On two of his legs, he has patches in which the hair has fallen out. It feels smooth like a scar, but it has the coloration of a scab (yellow/brownish). I was considering this may be some variety of worm, probably ringworm. Could that be correct? Have any of you knowledgeable this? What else may possibly trigger this hair loss?

*He is a quick-haired canine–lab/pit mix two years outdated.
*We have him on a best-top quality brand of meals.
*We give him baths about as soon as a month with Hertz brand shampoo.
*We use a heartworm/other parasite preventative medication once a month.

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dober Male sample bladness

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  1. it could have dry skin they a shamoo that the vet gice if you dog don’t have the maze

  2. Goldengal

    Its that time of year where they tend to show up. Also as the dog feels itchy they lick and lick and the fur falls out.

  3. dingy0bama0brat

    possibly scarponic mange & by he way, that is transtmittable to humans as well. it tunnells under the skin

  4. could be ringworm, that’s what it sounds like

  5. bluebonnetgranny

    It could be a number of things. Allergies, contact dermatitis, mites (mange), a predisposition for skin problems, hot spot if it moist, ring worm etc………………………..

    Let us know what is actually is, OK?

  6. If it was ring worm it would be rough and feel like a scab. The hair doesnt always fall out with ringworm. Does it seem to be itchy? It could just be a doggy form of alopecia, hair loss with no cause or a mental cause such as stress. Sorry i cant help more but that has me stumped.

  7. Sorry to bother you,
    I followed you here from the Evolution question.
    Just wondering,
    What state do you teach in?
    You don’t have to tell me the school name, or city.
    Just the state.
    Thank you so much.

  8. dog whisperer

    it could be mange. there are 2 types of mange. one is very contagious, the other not. but if you have hair loss with scaley skin, always suspect mange.
    the crust you describe sounds to me like sarcoptic mange, which is the contagious type .
    i’m not a vet, but i play one on TV… HAHA just kidding.
    seriously, i’m not a vet but have been educated on this and have seen both kinds of mange.
    you have an appointment. so keep cool. just remember that you have touched it and the type of mange i suggested it may be can cause YOU some discomfort. I’ts a mite. and even though they don’t like humans, they can cause a nasty rash.
    If it’s ringworm, again, YOU can get it. and ringworm likes humans too.
    If it’s demodex mange, you have nothing to worry about as far as spreading it to any other animals or to you.

    The only way to tell is for your vet to get a skin scraping and look at it under a microscope. be forewarned…..sometimes with mange, nothing shows on the slide. doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t have it. a good vet will treat for what he suspects the problem to be by other signs. like location of the hair loss and condition. around the eyes, the abdomen, are prime places for mange to start. ringworm can be anywhere.

    also, pits are prone to demodex mange. with this type, they may give a mitiban bath, an insecticide.

    just use caution because it may be contagious.
    then when you find out what it is, get back on here and tell us all what it was and what your vet did to get rid of it.

    Hope i helped, cuz i sure try to, all the time

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