What could be the result in of my hair thinning?

Concern by A B: What could be the result in of my hair thinning?
I have all around hair thinning. At 1 level I experienced extensions, but it was for a brief time three months max, and then when I took them out, my hair was still thick. More than the several years, it has gotten progressively thinner. I did have alopecia areata awhile back. but it arrived out in one patch and I have not had it since. I dont feel like I am pressured, and I got tested for a thyroid problem AND for anemia, So what could it be? Hair decline does not run in my family, contrarily, we all have genuinely thick hair. Its sad since stylists employed to rave that my hair was so beautiful and thick. Now it is like one/3 of what it used to be. Is there any way to resolve this?I have been allowing it go on for about four-five years and I am 20!
I am also a feminine.

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Answer by Nancy
Possibly you are missing nutritional vitamins or minerals.

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