What creating the hair reduction throughout being pregnant?

Question by Pogo: What causing the hair decline in the course of pregnancy?
In the course of the 3rd thirty day period being pregnant, noticed the hair decline is much more than before expecting. What causing this? And what to do?

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Solution by islandgirl
Hormones and hereditary.

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  1. dreeamer86

    Hair loss during pregnancy is uncommon. If hair loss is severe or occurs in round or oval patches, consult your doctor. This may be due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

    Pregnancy-related hair loss most often occurs several months after delivery. During pregnancy, an increased percentage of hairs are in a growing phase and normal shedding of hair declines. After a woman gives birth, a large number of follicles shed hair at once. Although unsettling, this hair loss is temporary. Hair typically returns to its normal fullness and growth cycle within a few months.