What dietary supplements (not food) can I get to elevate low iron levels?

Query by Mag: What supplements (not foodstuff) can I get to elevate minimal iron amounts?
I am sixty one and my Ferritin stage is forty ug/L in accordance to my recent blood function benefits. I am going through brittle hair and nails, hair decline, itchy scalp and again, cold extremities and persistent bladder infections. What supplement can I use to securely improve my iron or must I initial request my medical professional to check my serum iron, total iron binding capacity and transferrin saturation?

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There are various sorts of Iron to just take simply because of various problems on the industry so I would ask my medical professional which a single. I took Gradual Fe of which is a sluggish launch iron with iron deficient anemia. I would also inquire your doctor to verify your thyroid hormones. The symptoms you are showing are widespread in hypothyroidism.

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  1. I would definitely not take any iron pills without first knowing my iron levels. It can be dangerous. But if you want a safe supplement to take with no dangerous side effects that will boost your iron levels plus give you other vitamins and minerals too, then get some pure unsulfured blackstrap molasses. Its usually only sold at health food stores. You only need to take 2 tsp – 1 tbsp a day.

  2. It could be your thyroid. If your taking Iron, take a little bit of copper. Copper will help your body absorb the iron.
    You can have some of the same symptoms wither Hyperthyroid or hypothyroid. The low will slow down your heart and the high will speed it up.
    Talk to your doctor!