what do i do to cease my hair from balding and greying?

Issue by stubbornhair: what do i do to stop my hair from balding and greying?
i am a 34 calendar year previous female and have had issue of itchy scalp for some time now before i discovered that my hair have started out slipping off speedily. i do not know what treatment method to use and how to handle this. as a end result, i now use wigs and hair weavons but i genuinely desire to have my organic black hair grow again once again. i am an african black and live in west africa. i will not mind the price or whether orthodox or different cure. all i want is a treatment and as rapidly as i can get it. your answers are really required.

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Solution by Russell
shave it off

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  1. I believe there are number a ways that could possible help reduce hair loss. The most obvious one is taking good care of your hair by using good shampoos and conditioners (avoiding cheap and harsh ones). Also, try not to dry and avoid dying your hair. Not using gel or using very small amounts of gel is a good idea because it allows the hair to breathe. A theory to hair thinning or loss is that the pores are blocked by excessive sebum, so taking showers after sweating and stuff will help clear it out. As far as diet wise, test studies have shown that vitamin A and E in excess are linked to hair loss.

    If you already do all this, then perhaps you can talk to a doctor and see if Propecia (1mg) is right for you. It is a drug that is used to treat prostate (although in the 5mg strength) as well hair loss.

  2. I am 36 and I have watched my hair thin and fall for the past three years, to the point of getting depressed. I know what beauty means for an african woman, and I know how difficult it is in our societies not to have hair. Have you tried to identify what caused? maybe too many chemicals or colouring? you should do one thing, is to stop using the weavons, they pull your hair off the root, and make them weaker. stop using chemicals all together. i know it’s uncomfortable to wear wigs, it’s hot,a nd you are always worried about people noticing. but you could wear head scarves on most days, and wigs from time to time, because they also prevent the hair from “breathing” if they are not of good quality. I live in the UK and had to invest in two wigs costing me a thousand pounds in total to be able to have a decent look, not affecting my scalp. I stopped chemicals altogether, and have tried everything, i mean EVERYTHING possible: from hair lotions, to more sophisticated treatment with minoxidil under the surveillance of dermatologists. I saw the best hair clinics and hair specialists in London, nothing changed. At some point i shaved it all off, and went on with that look for some months, but was uncomfortable. My hair would grow back in patches, with holes in the middle and in the back, the hair line very far in teh front and almost no hair in the temples.. So what you do, is to be strong, start looking at yourself differently and accept yourself differently. First, have your family accept you the way you are, and then take care of your general healt. Eat well, watch your stress level, take care of your hair with natural products (shampoo once or twice a week, apply “huile de ricin or huilde d’amande douce” or Karite, and let go. I have suffered and cried at nights, looking at myself in the mirror, i had beautiful hair, now it’s all gone, i want to look ahead and know it can happen no matter what to anybody in this world. Focus on other more important areas and things will get better.
    Sorry for this reponse, but it’s better you know that some things work, some don’t.