What does chemotherapy really feel like?

Concern by Angela: What does chemotherapy feel like?
I am meant to start off chemotherapy next 7 days for the very first time(for leukemia)and I have a handful of queries.

Does getting chemotherapy through an IV hurt?
Does your hair constantly drop out?
Is it going to make me really feel ill?
What are the most common aspect outcomes?
How lengthy do you generally have to keep at the healthcare facility?

I enjoy the answers.

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Response by LORD Z
1 giving blood only it takes longer

2 any individual adhere a needle in you hurts

3 not constantly does your hair tumble out but it is common

four nausea, diarrhea, fever and exhaustion

five relies upon on the dosage and other circumstances you could have but typically significantly less than a day if not accomplished outpatient which implies hrs.

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