What does everybody consider the greatest way to fight hair reduction is (24 y male)?

Query by hubsjj: What does everyone think the very best way to fight hair loss is (24 y male)?
i been been getting some hair reduction mostly receding hairline previous couple of years but really gradual mabye a minor thinning to. i know MPB runs on my mom facet but i want to avert it. so whats the most inexpensive goods out there people use and solutions. thanks in advance!!

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Reply by Charlotte<3
Blend some vitamin E or olive oil into your shampoo. >< Good luck! Yogi http://orientalfever.blogspot.com/

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  1. Sadly, if it’s in your genes, you’re fighting a loosing battle. You can try all the vitamin E’s you want but the end result will be the same. And, BTW, using the cheapest of anything is not smart.

  2. First of all, hair loss is not genetic but is caused caused by a reduced bloodflow to the scalp, so don’t stress about it. 😀
    Second, you can stop your hair loss like I did!
    I started losing my hair and I tried Propecia and Rogaine, with little results.
    I quit using them because I felt they were harming my health, so I tried to see what the ‘alternative’ cures had to offer.
    Everything seemed like a scam: creams, oils, nothing really hit the nail for me.
    One day I found out the ONLY site that explained correctly the theory behind hair loss: it is caused by micro-contractures on the scalp that reduce bloodflow and prevent hair from growing naturally and healthy.
    Their techniques are really effective and the videos are really powerful and speak for themselves
    I managed to stop my hair loss with the techniques I found in their ebook, and I am now regrowing my hair. 🙂
    This method works!
    The site is: http://www.nohairloss.org.

  3. The Hair Man

    The great hair loss debate question. My opinion of course, stay away from ‘remedies, shampoos, formulas etc..They don’t work. Of course, I don’t know every single product out there that claims to stop hair loss or re-grow your hair, but that vast, vast majority, produce zero results and only some have an effect on a very small percentage of people who use it.If you are going to use a product, use Finasteride (Propecia) or Rogaine. even Rogaine only effects a percentage of users, but Finasteride has proven over and over again to at least halt any further hair loss in the vast majority of users. I use Propecia and my hair is holding strong. Best solution after you halt your hair loss, is to have a transplant. Here’s some great sites for hair transplant information: http://www.hairtransplantinsider.com and http://www.hairtransplantmagazine.com. At the end of the day (IMO), the best combination to combat hair loss, is a transplant and Finasteride.

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