What does “washing your hair” mean in phrases of shampooing?

Query by Riba: What does “washing your hair” mean in phrases of shampooing?
I have curly hair but I am really possessing a hair loss (due to hormone imbalance, maybe) and I shampoo each and every other day but on “off-shower” days, I take a shower without having shampooing to only set in conditioner. Afterward, I place in de-frizz conditioner. Would that be all proper?

But even now, what does “washing your hair” indicate? Does that refer to shampooing your hair Every single Solitary day?

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Response by poldi
Washing your hair indicates applying some variety of cleansing solution (like cleaning soap or shampoo), massaging it in, then rinsing it out.
Shampooing is just an additional phrase for washing your hair.

It does not indicate each day – you don’t have to wash your hair every single day.
I wash (shampoo) my hair each and every working day, but that is my choice (my hair is in wonderful problem).

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  1. 2BMarried62610

    No, it definitely doesnt mean shampooing every day. It simply means “washing”, which doesn’t always have to be shampoo. Conditioner and deep conditioning treatments are best. What you’re doing right now is good! There should be many times you only condition and not shampoo, especially since you’re experiencing hair loss.

  2. C4SS4NDR4!

    I never use shampoo when i “wash” my hair. Because whenever i use the slightest bit, it makes my hair extremely dry and dull. So, i only use conditioner when i’m in the shower, and my hair is super soft and silky and amazing.

  3. I do the same thing as you with the conditioner, and it works fine for me (my hair is wavy/curly and prone to dryness and oiliness).
    As long as your products aren’t too heavy for your hair, it’s absolutely fine.

    Washing your hair means taking shampoo and distributing it throughout your hair to remove build up, oils and other debris. There is no set amount of times that you are supposed to use it. Some people use it once a week, others every day. Use it as often as your hair can handle it.