What food items/vitamins improve hair expansion/stop hair loss?

Query by Angie A: What food items/nutritional vitamins increase hair development/quit hair loss?
For the previous two months or so my hair has been falling out. Each and every day when I just casually operate my fingers by way of it, I get nearly a complete handfull of hair that just stays in my hand. I have by no means had this problem before I will not dye my hair, I never use any damaging hair items and the like, so I can’t figure out what can be creating this. I even altered my shampoo and conditioner and stopped utilizing gel just in scenario, but that has not assisted with the hair reduction. I feel I consume a rather balanced diet program, I do not take any medicine, so I’m rather considerably at a loss as to why my hair keeps falling out. I will not choose any nutritional vitamins, but I am considering commencing to consider some in hopes of stopping the hair loss and making new hair growth. I’m comparatively younger – in my early 20’s, so I know that it really is practically nothing attributed to age. Though I have had some stressors for the earlier couple of months -but I’m not sure if tension can lead to these kinds of significant hair reduction. I would really enjoy some assistance with regards to this.

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Solution by butterflybaps
multi- vitamin with iron aids and prenatal pills truly help but the prenatal can double your eggs.

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  1. Stress CAN cause hair loss. Been there. So can: hereditary hair loss (female pattern baldness), anesthesia, medicines, thyroid dysfunction. Ask a pharmacist or health food store which supplements are the best. I have used multivitamin, B-complex. Zinc and B6 are good also. Have your Dr. also advise you.

  2. BattleAgainstBald.com

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Female pattern hair loss is something a lot of women are faced with and the causes tend to be different than those of male pattern baldness. You are right, stress is a primary cause of hair loss in women, but I’d venture to say that your situation may be deeper, especially if you’re experiencing a sudden increase in the amount of hair lost. I would suggest you consult a dermatologist specializing in hair loss, there are a number of viruses, hormonal disorders, etc, which could be causing your hair loss. The sooner you find out the better. In the mean time, check out the hair loss blog I have managed since receiving a hair transplantation back in July. It’s called battleagainsbald.com and in addition to showing the results of my procedure, I provide a wealth of information on hair loss, its causes, and methods for correcting.

    Best of luck in your battle.

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