What hair loss prescriptions operate?

Query by Kenneth the Menace: What hair loss prescriptions perform?
Can some one particular inform me, types they have expertise with?

I am likely to see a dermatologyst about it before long, it charges $ ninety five just to see her, & I can only find the money for that one appointment & some treatment. So I want to study which treatment really works & which to beware of. So when I get to the doctor, I know I am not wasting time or cash.

Many thanks everybody!

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Solution by Barkley B
Nothing truly functions!!!! If it did, there would be no bald guys.

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  1. MrZ.StRaiT

    My Dad Has A Cream Called Rogaine.
    U should Try It
    If It Works For him it would work for you.
    Trust me.
    My dad was losing hair and then he got Rogaine and it Worked!

  2. Rogaine does work, and you can buy it without a prescription. There are some other drugs, but they cost more and work on testosterone.