What hair loss product for guys has the best final results.?

Question by SUSIE Q: What hair loss merchandise for gentlemen has the best benefits.?
Gels, lotions, vitamins that would assist with male hair loss

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Solution by Tough Gentleman
A razor

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  1. I would say ultimately there are only about 5 REAL products that work and they include:

    1.Propecia-Rx only
    2.Saw palmetto-natural form of propecia
    3.HairMax Laser Comb-FDA approved even, will grow back about 10% density
    4.Minoxidil 5% foam-works for some and then not for others, not the most effective treatment, but it DOES work for some men
    5.Hair transplant surgery. This is your BEST BET for hair loss.

    Another word of advice is to have a healthy diet. Take a multivitamin supplement along with b complex vitamin daily.

    Wash hair with head n shoulders. It has zinc oxide which is really beneficial for thinning hair and hair loss in general

    DO NOT buy into any other magic potions offering you nothing but false promises and stealing your money.

    Do research on the products I mentioned above.

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