what has been triggering this unusual hairloss for the last five many years?

Issue by brussels152: what has been creating this strange hairloss for the very last 5 years?
i am at present 27, i commenced to observed hairloss at the age 22 a few times right after i obtained a haircut. i was touching my hair and observed hair in my hand all of a unexpected, then a limited time following that this itching sensation started on my head and the hairloss improved as well. by way of out the last five many years i have lost hair each day and the itching sensation by no means remaining either, at moments it gets actually undesirable and thats when alot of hair looks to fall out as properly as getting these small pimples on my scalp and some pink iritated lumps that both damage or itch? then it dies down right after a week or so then my hairloss will sort of quit you could say for a handful of days but my scalp then is dry and alot of dandruff sets in, but no hair on the pillow in the mourning or hair in my hand when i shampoo, then it starts off again. ! its like a cycle?? as of now im not bald and even now have alot of hair on my head, with all the hair i have missing i ought to be bald? but its not as thick however, what could this issue be??

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did you ever go see a dr. in the past 5 yrs?
You could have a fungus or one thing.

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