what is a great shampoo for hair, when you are loosing hair?

Query by pedroso: what is a good shampoo for hair, when you are loosing hair?
I recognize I am obtaining hair decline, I consider is my shampoo, can an individual recomend a good shampoo to end the hair decline or a treatment to quit it?

Ideal response:

Solution by Bongernet
Progaine 2-in-one Shampoo, from the makers of Rogaine.

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  1. Not really a shampoo I can recommend, but why don’t you try, Virgin Coconut Oil, extra virgin, doesn’t matter, as long as it is not refined nor bleached.

    Put in on overnight. Place a towel over your pillow so your pillow case won’t be greasy with oil. And in the next morning, wash it off with toxin-free shampoo, and to really remove the smell of the coconuts (it’s not really that a bad smell), use conditioner.

  2. arkansaszippers

    They make shampoo for horses that promotes hair growth. No joke, it works.