What is a remedy to tame frizzy, curly hair without hair mouse ect?

Query by apple: What is a remedy to tame frizzy, curly hair with no hair mouse ect?
I feel i am experiancing hair loss and sore patches on my head simply because of hair mousse, but i cant uncover something else that totally stops it going frizzy, retains it down and is about the greatest point that i can depend on for my curly hair, the only point is i feel its negative for my hair and scalp and i want a answer that will give me more or less the very same very good results.

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Solution by thatt lil bitchh<3.
cease putting product in your hair.
do you color your hair typically.?
if you do, then that could be the explanation as to why your hair is so broken.
dont rip by means of your hair when you brush it either.
that leads to split finishes.
commence at the stop of your hair and operate your way up to the prime.
this way, you are not ripping via knots, but you’re getting care of them the proper way.
and you can purchase this spray things that works really nicely.
it helps make your hair genuinely comfortable.
i forgot what its named, but its by tresseme i believe.

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  1. izzanomoly


    i watched a woman get a hair makeover yesterday at the paramount show.
    she had really frizzy, huge, heat-damaged hair; and with their products they made it look really gorgeous.
    i would have bought it myself if i had curly hair. =]