What is actually great for afracan american girls hair breakage?

Issue by BlizzyPooh: What is actually excellent for afracan american ladies hair breakage?
Can somebody give me some ideas on smoothing out hair and obtaining rid of hairbreakage? Also I need to have a excellent conditioner and shampoo. *My hair is calm*

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Solution by ursula_p_2001@sbcglobal.internet
my ladies are mixed but my center daughter has a enormous afro…..thats not operating for her at 10. lol i perm her hair and experimented with the new (to me) pantene line for *black* hair. WOW this sort of a distinction there!!! the whole line is amazing for us. and let me inform you……her hair was FUNKY!!! its inexpensive also!!!

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  1. Luckynluv

    well for me I dont use any particular product for breakage of my hair, but when it actually does I let it go as far as it can be tolerated. I wash my hair w/all kinds of shampoo…its out there i use it…suave and VO5 are my two main products..to prevent the breakage though my hair stylist uses setting lotion. * I dont use hot ironsany other kind of heat. That definitely breaks hair. I simply typically(basically always) get a wrap therefore there is not any heat being applied to my hair..but try the lotion and see what happens..Also getting your ends clipped atleast 1inch every time your hair is relaxed works as well.

  2. I ve said it once i’ll say it angain PANTENE!!!


    carrot oil creams and oils will help. I use Mane ‘N Tail hair products from their shampoos,conditioners and carrot oil cream. You can also use Lusters Pink Oil Moisturizer for smoothing and stops breakage.

  4. Doll Face

    wild growth oil, carrot oil, vitamin E, prenatal vitamins, scalp massages, regular trims, eating right, drinking lots of water.

    I use designer touch shampoo and conditioner, as well as the texturizing relaxer in mild.

    Lay off heat styling. Try to air dry as much as possible, and style with irons on low settings if you can.

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