what is actually wrong with my hair? support make sure you?!?

Concern by : what’s improper with my hair? support make sure you?!?
Im a 15 calendar year aged person living in Uk
my problem is:
recently, my hair has been falling out, specifically in the shower, for the previous 3 weeks, i will increase some information, as it may aid figure out whats wrong,

i dyed my hair four instances in my daily life and i had it highlighted after, the initial time i dyed it was when i was thirteen, i dyed my quick light-weight brown hair to platinum blonde for the summer season(at the hairdressers), it grew out so i minimize it and went again to my first hair colour, two yrs later i got blond highlights set in at the hairdressers
then a few months later at the age of 14 i dyed my hair twice, i experimented with to dye it blonde (myself)
, the very first time it turned coppery-brown kind of colour, then i dyed it once again a week later on with the same dye and it turned to a gingery-blond kind of colour, i left my hair like that for about three-four months, immediately after that my roots have been exhibiting fairly poor so i dyed it back to brown (myself),

now heres my difficulty, about a week immediately after i dyed my hair brown (it is medium long/longish now) i noticed that i experienced fairly alot of hair in my shower drain (there utilized to be barely any), i also have a small much more hair caught in my brush, and i usually get about 2-four strand when i run my hand through my hair (not EVERYTIME i run my hand thru it)
this has been taking place for about three weeks now,

everytime i shower there is about twenty five-fifty hair strands in my drain, about 20 in my brush following the entire day, and i get about ten a day by operating my hand via my hair,

btw, my hair is kind of straight/wavy, it is quite thick and long (not like ponytail long), it is also brown, i use tresemme shampoo and conditiner for colored hair, and i by no means experienced this numerous hair fall out prior to

i by no means seasoned anything at all like this just before, my hair was shoulder size when i was thirteen and this in no way occurred prior to,, is it since of the dye? alopecia?nutritional vitamins defiency?(i get vit, do and b every day, zinc and calcium), is it simply because of the change of seasons? (its autumn/winter and its Genuinely cold), or am i just balding? (which would b very starnge as im barely fifteen),, so make sure you support, i rly dnt know what to do any longer, and neither do my pals, if you want any a lot more depth then truly feel free to ask me,, also, sorry if something doesnt make perception, English isnt my main language..
heyy, thank you absolutely everyone for your aid, i discovered the solutions helpful, i would like to ask some much more concerns however:

if my hair reduction is brought on by the dyes, then will it halt by by itself and when? also, will the hair that fell out increase again?
and also, what hair nutritional vitamins or whatever would you advocate? (names and many others.)
,, i rly dont want to drop my hair 🙁
ty .

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Solution by Hannah
this is like what occurred to my sister xD
its pretty much hair harm from all the dyes
+ shit. she dyed it from like brown to black to red
to blonde + to a lighter blonde it was to considerably for her
hair and it started out falling out like outrageous she had to
get extentions 😐 sorry mate dont kno wat ur gonna do.
use all the hair defending shampoos u can xD

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