What is alopecia areata precisely and do I have it?

Query by Alan: What is alopecia areata precisely and do I have it?
Possibly like five or six a long time in the past, I remember my pal commented that the hair on my scalp seemed kind of weird, that I experienced like a line that you can see some hair lacking, despite the fact that it truly is not that obvious. I was worrying that I was heading bald at the time, but it is been really a while and my hair is just the exact same. I informed my mom about it and she just said it was the way I combed it, and yeah, the way I combed my hair, I pulled my hair to the side rather hard and yanked on the from until I obtained my hair how I needed, I never noticed the back again. She combed it for me and then it appeared typical, but sometimes if I comb it improper, that line, which appears like a part, arrives out yet again. What I’ve noticed the most is that when I just take a shower, you can see the line (there have been two but one isn’t really that apparent) although if I combed my hair a although ahead of using a shower it isn’t going to show up. Is this alopecia areata? did I hurt my hair by yanking it?

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Alopecia Areata is “baldness in spots”. People of all ages have it . A medical professional can diagnose it. Go to the site below and you will find out every thing you need to have to know, and see plenty of other folks with the identical condition.

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