What is canine Continual hypersensitivity dermatitis and what treatment options are available?

Concern by billwayne_58: What is canine Continual hypersensitivity dermatitis and what therapies are accessible?
My dog, Girl keeps having recurring outbreaks. The analysis was manufactured by a lab from samples taken from the vet. Therapies with Prednisone 10mg have given some aid. After therapy Woman could remain cleared up for a few of weeks but quickly has a relapse. Of system with the therapies of Prednisone she inflates like a basketball and it leads to her to be unable to management her bowel and bladder. Hair decline, and itching are widespread prior to therapy. She has been on this present remedy at minimum three moments but carries on to have outbreaks.

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Reply by Bonsylar
That is medical professional talk for a serious, ongoing, skin allergy.
It really is far more than likely induced by the foodstuff you are feeding her. Read through the label, it need to NOT incorporate: corn or wheat products, animal-by-goods, or animal digest. If you are unable to pronounce every single component, take into account shifting brands.
Go through “Foodstuff Pets Die For” by Ann N. Martin for all the grotesque and shocking particulars.
Appear into Innova EVO. That is obtaining rave reviews from allergic pet homeowners. California All-natural (they have a pores and skin and coat complement that performs miracles), Artemis, Canidae, and Wellness are really very good also. Search them up on the internet.
You ought to take into account a various vet. I believe he is utilizing big phrases to persuade you that your dog requirements treatment options that she might not need.

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  1. spirit5987

    Hi ! My 12yr. old Male dog has this same problem while the prednazone is helping my vet also recommed I Bathe him aleast Once a week with a moisterizing shampoo / Medicated also this has helped my Dog tremendously It’s merely an allergy to something in the environment that they get as they get older not all dogs get this but there are the unlucky few just make sure after shampoo you rinse extremely well then a final rinse of cool water . OH! and follow the directions on the shampoo( you can get this from you vet.)

  2. sjlawson12

    Skin conditions in dogs can be a real bear to combat. There are literally hundreds of factors that can contribute to generally itchy or unhealthy skin – things eaten, things breathed in, things layed upon… it’s a very frustrating problem, and I understand your desperation with your dog’s condition, as one of my greyhounds suffer some of the same problems.

    This condition is often referred to as “atopy”. In short, it’s a predisposition to become allergic to normally innocuous substances, like pollens, molds, dust mites and other environmental allergens. It’s estimated that only 3-12% of dogs have this condition.

    I’m assuming the diagnosis was made via skin biospy performed at your vet’s office. It’s unusual that the lab or your vet wouldn’t then try to identify the irritating agent more in depth – often times they run a series of allergy tests to determine what steps should be taken to avoid contact with said irritants. The condition is rarely in remission and cannot be cured; it’s simply a matter of maintaining as healthy a state as possible.

    Prednisone is the most common used form of controlling the discomfort associated with atopy, and sometimes you won’t see a response for 3-6 months after starting, but if you’re interested, there are some more natural methods that may help keep things under control. Sometimes, supplementing your dog’s diet with essential fatty acids can help promote healthier skin and coat. Frequent bathing in shampoos labelled “antipruritic” can be beneficial. There’s a great company based out of Wisconsin called Animals Apawthecary – they make a stellar formula called “Detox Blend” made specifically for chronic allergy sufferers that’s manufactered with herbal remedies like burdock, dandelion, milk thistle and red clover.

    Best of luck with your dog – I really commend your effort to become more educated and do the best you can for her. I hope this response wasn’t too long!