What is creating child hair decline?

Question by Seeker: What is causing child hair decline?
My daughter is 3 months old and she had much more hair on her head when she was born. Her hair decline is patchy and everything from organic. She isn’t really laying in mattress all day to get mattress head either. Now for those who say its all-natural for infants to lose hair I don’t accept that as an reply. There has acquired to be a vitamin that she is deficient in to result in this. She is breast fed and only has taken gripe h2o to help with acid reflux. No medications. Many thanks for your replies

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Solution by Gary K
“Newborn hair reduction is completely normal and practically nothing to worry about. Toddlers frequently shed their hair in the course of the first 6 months… A newborn’s hormone levels drop appropriate following delivery, which can result in him to get rid of the hair he was born with.”
http://www.babycenter.com/_baby-hair-decline_eighty five.bc

If you are nevertheless concerned, talk to your doctor.

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