What is creating my hair loss when…?

Question by Mesmerized: What is causing my hair decline when…?
~ I dont have any deficiency (experienced a blood take a look at accomplished)
~ I dont have thyroid
~ I dont have severe dandruff
~I dont have harmone imbalance (my testestrone degree is good way too)

I am a female in my early 20’s and i began noticing hair loss back again in 2009 that very first began at the centre entrance (behind the entrance line) but didnt shell out considerably interest as it was only gentle at that time.

but because then, it has gone worse.

its mainly on the prime centre of the head in which you can see bald area and its sort of spreading to include the total of the centre of head…

DOES Anyone KNOW WHAT COULD BE Causing THIS Sort OF HAIR Decline WHEN BLOOD Tests ARE ALL Good Which includes THE HARMONES. Take a look at?

IS THIS Feminine Sample HAIR Loss?

PS– i am a stressed out person and have been suffereing significant emotional stress (nervousness/panick) for the previous two-three years.. could this be causing these kinds of sort of hair loss?

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Response by Violete
The only way is to cease stressing out. Stress is the very first issue that tends to make hair fall. You happen to be stressing out about your hair decline now, cease stressing.

An additional way is, do youwash your hair daily? If so, do it only Each OTHER Day. Washing hair each day leads to it to be dry result in your hair wants it truly is natural oils and without it, it’s going to change dry and tumble out.

Don’t straighten your hair or blow dry. Enable it dry naturally. And when combing your hair do it softly because combing your hair rapidly will loosen the hair roots. Hoped I aid! Goodluck:)

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  1. Hello,

    Since you’ve already been able to eliminate a number of the most common causes already, stress itself may be the leading factor in your loss right now. It is known that temporary hair loss can occur as a result of extremely stressful times, so I would guess that your body continuously being in an anxious or panicked state has, over time, begun weakening your follicles to the point now that hair loss is occurring. Genetics could also be a factor too but since you’ve been in this stressed out state for the past couple of years, I personally think that has much more to do with it right now.

  2. You have Telogen Effluvium. You hair loss is due to precipitated by an event such as severe ilness, infection, surgery or psychological stress. Your hair should grow back after the underlying stressors or precipitating medical conditions are removed or corrected.

    If the stress can not be removed, you might like to try Bawang shampoo. A number of friends have used the product and told me it prevents hairs from falling and makes the hair thicker.

    I have also seen the following video from YouTube. The product looks quite promising.

    My Hair Loss Story + Hair Care Routine

    The product contains Chinese herbs extracts which can restrain and balance the sebum, nourish hair follicles, strengthen the hair root to make hair stronger and prevent hair loss. You can find the product at the oasisherb or ebay.


  3. Pooja Gill

    hair fall could be a genetic trait, deficiency of essential nutrients and stimulants in your diet, effect of lifestyle changes, intake of drugs, skin disorders etc. One of the most important reason behind hair loss is undeniably STRESS. Stress not only causes hair to fall, it also makes the hair loose its bounce and shine.

    The best course of action would be sleeping enough, for a minimum of 9 hours continuously without any disturbance. It will normalize your psychomotor brain activity and help organs of the body perform best possible function. When you sleep, brain and body recharges itself and supply essential nutrients including vitamins and proteins to hair. This not only improves the health of hair, but also prevents hair fall. To know more, read