What is creating my severe hair reduction?

Concern by beadedtimes: What is leading to my severe hair loss?
I am 18 many years old and I’ve just started out college. For about the previous 3 months to a thirty day period, I’ve been experiencing an irregular volume of hair loss. Up till now, I have just chalked it all up to pressure relocating to university and absent from household, going away from my boyfriend, commencing frantic classes, and so on and so on. But I never Feel stressed anymore. When I just take a shower, i just get a huge volume of hair and when I brush. It can be not coming from a distinct location, since I havent created any bald patches. When I seem at the hair that has arrive out, there is hardly any of that white little bit at the root, you know? And the peices that come out are truly skinny. Need to I start off using nutritional vitamins or modifying my diet? COuld I still be actually stressed and not understand it? Please help, I love my hair 🙁

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Solution by ♥hunnyswifey♥
You are stressed up ur folic acid right away…to 800mcg and get some biotin and b stress sophisticated…adjust ur shampoo conditioner and brushes…are you on birth control? its known for generating alot of hair drop out

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  1. wicked lovely <3

    do you swim a lot?
    haha because once i went swimming and right after my hair like started like falling out more than usual.

  2. Most of the time, for teens its stress or improper diet. There can be other cases but its a rare thing. If its not diet or stress, then you can check with your local doctor. It is not a serious condition and you can get rid of it.

  3. bodmodangel

    It can still be from stress. But I would def look into vitamins. And go buy a strengthening (anti-break) shampoo and conditioner. Good Luck.

  4. sunnismommy

    Are you on any medications? If so, this could be your problem. There are some meds that can cause hair loss, one in particular is Wellbutrin.

  5. natjaceli

    Stress…but also it could be your thyroid. You should see a doctor soon!

  6. American Girl

    Okay, I’m going to say it…if it’s not stress it could be female pattern baldness or something similar.

    Female-pattern baldness is a pattern of hair loss (alopecia) caused by hormones, aging and genetics. Unlike male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness is an over-all thinning which maintains the normal hairline.

    This web site should help give you the info you need: http://www.hormonehelpny.com/column/alopecia2.htm

    Good luck

  7. It is likely that you are still under a great deal of stress. Even though you may feel fine and think you can handle it your body may be disagreeing with you. Unfortunately your hair is often one of the first places affected by this stress. As for you not seeing the white bit at the root, this is likely because your hair becomes brittle from stress and it is not so much falling out but it is breaking off. Vitamins are a good option to help combat your problem. And I would recommend seeing your physician for suggestions on what to take. Hope this helps, Good Luck!

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