what is hair loss and is there any natural way to remedy it?

Query by rjane: what is hair loss and is there any all-natural way to treatment it?
I am 28 several years outdated my and struggling from hair loss someone advised me that coconut oil is excellent for hair loss. Is’t true?

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You can get calcium and gelatin tablets for starters and then you have to find out what’s causing it. Since you have to choose the remedy appropriately. And check out out this internet-internet site:

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  1. Untold_Lies

    oils are good for your scalp skin but it wont do any good for you hair loss problem, first of u have to see what is causing the hair loss? is it a fungus infection or because of some nutritional deficiency, so i suggest you go to a dermatologist to get the exact treatment that u actually need, some people have it in there gene, in women if they are a carrier of such gene then using any male hormones for any diease can cause bladness, activating the gene code in women, so the end sentence would be


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