What is improper with this boy?

Question by : What is incorrect with this boy?
There is a boy in my Geometry course who is partly bald and he walks abnormally. He’s bald on the correct side of his head and it truly is a type of oval form. Also when he walks he does this practically limp issue and his arm does this amusing issue exactly where it like curls up. Like it bends at about a eighty five degree angle and his hand is closed and sort of bent- like his wrist is bent down. I am just questioning what is his problem? Btw his age is most likely fourteen/15 possibly 13 if that issues. Many thanks x

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Answer by previously_bob
Bald spots happen from a problem called alopecia areata – the cuase of this condition is not acknowledged and there is no powerful treatment.

There are numerous achievable leads to for his gait and physical differences. The most typical cause is cerebral palsy, and if this is what he has, its a gentle kind of the dysfunction.

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