What is mistaken with me?

Issue by Aleah: What is mistaken with me?
My hair is Continually oily.
No matter how much or how small I use, my hair just stays greasy. Also…conditioner is a “no-no”. I have discovered that, no make a difference what I do, I mustn’t use conditioner. It can make my hair 10x even worse.

To aid give you men an illustration of how shitty my hair is, I took a shower early this morning and 5 hours afterwards, I was a total greaseball.

Also I have really bad hair loss problems too. Each and every time I brush my hair, lay down, or even shower strands will tumble out of my head. I’ve been dying my hair given that I was 12, only I dye my hair every single a few or 4 months so I truthfully never know why it truly is falling out like it is.

Support? What must I do? Also, need to I see a physician?
To the first answerer, I am only 15.

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Reply by Millie Vanilli
effectively how old are you? if youve beem dying it for years possibly thats why but inquire a hair particular person 1st. 🙂

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